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The Time Force Rangers have returned for the adventure of a lifetime.

"Reinforcements From The Future"

Taylor is testing out her new car, when she gets pulled over by a fariliar face. Yup, you guessed it is Eric and Wes, the Silver Guardians. Eric gives Taylor a ticket, but has cirtainly taken notice to her. Later, they encounter strange mutants who have begun an attack on this new city, Turtle Cove. Wes morphs into the Red Time Force Ranger and Eric morphs into the Quantum Ranger for the first time in almost a year. These mutants are much too powerful for them and are getting their butts kicked, when the Wild Force Rangers arrive on the scene. The mutants aren't threatened by their arrival, but leave to regroup. Eric (suprised to see them) asks the Wild Force Rangers why they are there. Taylor gets pissed when Eric talks them down. "Leave this to the big boys." Eric replies. Later on, at the Animarium.. the Rangers tell Princess Shayla about what had happened and wonder where these other Power Rangers came from. However, they relize they may need their help to defeat these new Orgs. Meanwhile, Eric and Wes use some 31st Century technology to contact the future. Trip informs them that they escaped into the past and that Jen was trailing them, but they have lost contact with her. Later, Taylor finds the Silver Guardians and invite them to the Animarium. They contact the future again, to hear from Trip that the mutants have been discovered to be half mutant, half Org. They're not exactly sure what happened, but they know they must work together to stop them. Meanwhile, Jindrax and Toxica try to recruit the three Mutorgs, but are unsuccessful, reguardless them being Duke Orgs. Later, the Wild Force Rangers with the assistence of the two Time Force Rangers teamup to try and stop the Mutorgs.. however, they are much too powerful. Just when things are looking bleak, Jen appears from the hilltops in a sexy leather outfit and helps the Rangers get away from the Mutorgs. Can they all work together to stop this new threat in time?

Taylor gets a speeding ticket from the Silver GuardiansThree Mutorgs appearJindrax and Toxica try to recruit themMutorgs attack
Wes and Eric arrive leading the Silver GuardiansQuantum Ranger engages in battleRed Ranger helps him outWild Force Rangers show up on the scene
The two teams of Rangers meet for the first timeTaylor thinks about EricEric and Wes contact Trip in the futureA mysterious stranger is tracking the Mutorgs conversation
Eric and Wes ask Taylor for helpShe takes them to the AnimariumThey contact Trip again in the futureEric and Taylor watch Max and Danny make fools out of themselves
In the future, Lucas, Katie, and Trip find NadiraThen they ask for Ransik's helpMutorgs return to fightBoth teams of Rangers morph
Black and Blue Rangers fight a MutorgAnother Mutorg goes head to head with the Red RangerWes is knocked out of morph during the fightJen comes to the rescue
Jen helps up WesMutorgs attack againRangers retreatMutorgs report to Master Org